Basic Pilot Troubleshooting 101

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Basic Pilot Troubleshooting 101

Post by ChrisD » Thu Nov 13, 2014 9:43 am

Make sure all stations are out of pilot and day end has been run, go to admin/setup/import data
Click on batch that suppose to be run and next, then do update
If items still do not appear on pos after update, go to pilot admin/file/plu file right click on item and show all items, find the item that was meant to be in pos, right click on it and un hide item

Stations not connecting to the bb/fs1
- Make sure the bb/fs1 is on
- Make sure the local area connection on bb/fs1 is enabled and the firewall is off on both server and stations
- Check I.P addresses if they are on same I.P range
- See if the station can see the server through network places
- Try resetting the network hub
- If server doesn’t open pilot as well, please check the server Microsoft SQL server configuration tools and check if pilot services are running except for pilot(agent)
- In the Command Prompt, use the “TRACERT” command to the server, using the IP Address or computer name, e.g. “tracert BB” or “tracert
This will trace the route to the server with simple network data packets and let you know if the server is online or not. *also use the ping command to see if this pc can send and receive packets to ALL the known computers on the LAN.

That is just some steps you can try

If for example bill printer isn’t working, go to station that bill printer is connected to make sure print server (ppsrvr) is running, you can also stop/end process on the print server either at the bottom right on the printer icon or through task manager, then start the print server again.
Go to pos/manager menu/setup/reports and look for what com port the bill printer is connected to, once you find out what com port it is connected to, add a generic test printer in printers and faxes selecting the com port you want to test. If it still does not print a test page make sure everything is properly plugged in to the computer and printer itself
Check if printer has paper in it and also check if the error light or paper out light isn’t on, do a test print on the printer itself by switching the printer off and putting finger on the feed button holding it down while switching the printer on

Opening pilot pos you get above error, if not using eset antivirus disable other antivirus and try opening pilot. If it still doesn’t open you reinstall pilot on that computer and then try opening pilot

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