Internal Precision Variance

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Internal Precision Variance

Post by gwtiltman » Fri Dec 27, 2013 4:39 pm

When importing a batch into Pastel Partner or Xpress -using the PPIM extractor & compiler you receive a Internal Precision Variance error when you try and update the batch that have been imported.

1. Click on the BATCH tab in the journal where you receive the error.
2. Select Export key and give the batch a file name e.g. (POS.txt) -MAKE SURE THE BATCH HAS BEEN EXPORTED SUCCESSFULLY].
3. Select the BATCH tab again and DELETE the batch.
4. Select the BATCH tab again and click on IMPORT- Look for the same name that you have given the batch that you just exported.
5. Once the batch have been imported successfully -you can update the batch.

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