Another station still online (PLU.DBF CASNAME.DBF etc)

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Another station still online (PLU.DBF CASNAME.DBF etc)

Post by gwtiltman » Fri Dec 27, 2013 4:39 pm

Another station still online. Get this error when trying to do day end.
1) Do table rebuild
2) Then Resort Files Pack NO
3) Then Resort Files Pack YES This will sort the problem unless if there are TBX files in data in which case you must delete the *.TBX from c:TillData and then do steps 1 to 3

DAY END NOT GOING THROUGH ========================================= Message ---------------
1) day-end not going through - translate error value out of bounds do the following steps: - Close all open programs/windows - Go Into : My Computer - C - Till - Data And delete POS.DLL - Close all open windows - Search and Delete INSTALL.TLC AND INSTALL.PLT - resort files - Day-End will go Through
2) Cannot shutdown station (but does not give a file name as ref) Problem --------- Sometimes the day end will not go through even after doing the purchases coping and table rebuild as well as system reboot. Findings --------- This is normally linked to the purchases not posting. Have found that if edit the invtot.dbf will also find blank lines with zero in first field. Deleting these lines and then doing a resort files will then allow the day-end to go through.
3) Pos station still online - plu.dbf Shut machine down Leave for 5 to 10 seconds Restart machine Do file resort - Pack files no then yes (if file resort goes through no problems with pack no, then continue d/end)
4) Pos station still online - outm.dbf Do a table rebuild (their were lost tbls)
5) Pos station still online - payf.dbf Purchases are corrupt, Zap purchases (refer notes on zapping purchases)
6) When you are about to enter in sales figure, the system does nothing (hangs) Do a TABLE REBUILD. If the Problem still persists, look in c: illdata Delete all table files (*.tbl) Do file resort pack files no then yes continue with d/end
7) Another station is still online casname.dbf Shutdown Machine, boot-up, file resort - pack no. Sorted...!

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