Maxiclub setup documents

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Maxiclub setup documents

Post by gwtiltman » Fri Dec 27, 2013 4:39 pm

Attached are user manual and setup notes for maxiclub.
The attachments contains the following information:
1) Manual Accumulation Point Sheet Kids CC Aug 08.doc
2) Switches to be added to setcfg.mem
3) maxibeans.ini (This file is found in the Maxiclub diretory on the C: on
4) Manual - Spur Waiter.doc
5) MaxiClub Installation Manual.doc
6) Site Maxiclub Install details.xls

Please note that the most important aspect of the Maxiclub install, is that the internet has to be working from the server and the servers IP address must be set to The reason for the standard IP on the server is because Maxiclub is setup to look for an internet connection VIA the IP on the server.

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