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Pilot mobile app not updating

Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2015 11:39 am
by mpumi001
Pilot mobile app not updating :
1. First check if there is internet access at the store (if there isn’t the pilot mobile app will not update as for the Api needs internet to connect to the mobile app)
2. If the pilot mobile app is not trickling do the following steps :
3. Go to systems
4. Choose ftptrickle application (if not there go on to the ftp and download it)
5. Check on the pilotApiwork whether the tables are trickling if not
• Look for tables with errors like for example $Dti7383932014&$ 1KB
• If you are seeing tables like this you should delete them as for the data wont be trickling and no data would be sent to the server and it wont be updating on the app.