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Latest Release: Known Bugs SQL3-20150320P1

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2015 3:55 pm
by gwtiltman
The following list contains the known bugs and fixes present in the latest release of Pilot.
  1. Secure Cashup turnover not matching sales X – Support can implement a remote fix.
  2. Secure Cashup variance summary takes into account unassigned floats – Assigning the full value of the float everyday will eliminate this problem.
  3. Secure Cashup Summary does not always refresh – Exiting and re-opening pilot resolves this error.
  4. Pro-forma invoice custom details not centered on Bond printers - this does not affect thermal printers.
  5. Main meal statistics report calculates incorrectly when drawn over 2 different months - drawing the report within in same month works correctly.
  6. Grey screen occurs after changing printer routings - exiting and re-opening pilot PoS resolves this error.
  7. Print jobs are not always cleared on dayend resulting in a slow system - correcting the printer routings and clearing out any old print jobs will resolve this issue.
  8. Invalid date error – Some reports incorrectly report an invalid date when opening, this can be resolved by exiting and re-opening pilot.
  9. Plu Sales information stored on incorrect days - if pilot PoS is opened while the day end is running, any sales on the PoS will be recorded as previous trading day, until pilot is restarted.
  10. Missing voids and discounts entries - if network connection is lost during the processing of a void this information can fail to write into the archive tables.
  11. Reprinting previous bills will fail if there is a table called images in the database - this table is created by the api for 3rd party loyalty vendors.
  12. Missing Plu sales information – If network connection is lost during the billing process plu sales information can be lost for the bill.
  13. Bill sequence numbers skip if a failure occurs during the creation of the table (i.e network drop)