20150915-SQL3P2 Release

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20150915-SQL3P2 Release

Post by gwtiltman » Thu Jul 23, 2015 8:58 am

Hi All,

Please bear the following in mind when dealing with the new version (i.e. Panarottis rollout).

This version is in pre-release and should not be installed at any site without express consent from either Tony or myself.

1. Release version is 20150915-SQ3P2, api 3.21
2. Print server is 5.23 old ppsrvr.exe must be deleted if this fails to be done automatically.
3. If you get a Lock Timeout exceeded error you need to ensure that the correct print server is installed on all stations and restart the BB.
3. When upgrading fro P1 you need to open admin multiple times until the indexes are created.
4. Transactional cashup must be enabled, you cannot cashup waiters if this is not done.
5. Stores cannot be downgraded as table structures are changed.
6. To use cost centres on the Income statement etc, data tools has a function called reset cost centres.
7. Contracts are required for loyalty
8. If auto upgrade fails run the version on the station (e.g. Essential component missing)
9. Maxiclub uses a web service so this will require an API key before any upgrade can be done.

Printer Troubleshooting
1. Delete all print server exe’s
2. Reinstall all com ports
3. Delete all generic txt prints
4. Test com port by doing “DIR > com1"
3. Restart machine
4. Clear all print jobs in printspooler table
5. Install latest Print server.
6. Ensure Pilot version is >= 20150717

Please comment on this thread on help.pilot.co.za if you have anything to add

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