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Print Server PPSrvr.exe version 4.8.16

Posted: Thu May 25, 2017 5:27 am
by Adriaan.Vorster
Now uses validate.dll to open a connection to the SQL database
Added logic to connect to fiscal printers after restart
This caters for receipt completion in the event of a device error
Negative entries will be trapped and not printed
Changed interface to allow for orders and loyalty slips, but these will visually not be tax invoices, and cannot be used as such
• Label printing updated to include the date on shelf and item labels
• Delivery labels no longer print a Pilot logo
• Special characters trapped (< and >)
• Add extra flow-control settings
• Hardware#1+Paper out Detect works on most printers but fails on Bixalon. for Bixalon printers we added in
Hardware #4
• Baudrate can also be set to specific printer – This can be found on the self-test that you print from the printer