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Class not registered: Ppsrvr for Datecs FP-700 Fiscal

Posted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 5:13 pm
by lebo.kgware
The print server log file shows error: "Class not registered" whenever connecting to the Fiscal printer's COM port, even after installing FPAX_TZA700 COM Server and running Datecs_Install_2012_07_01v1_0_0_8 installation. This generally happens at Tanzania sites that use Fiscal printers.

Cause of this is that there is a class that in included in the installation for FPAX_TAN2000 COM Server installation.

To fix this, uninstall all FPAX installations from Programs and Features, then install the FPAX_TZA700 COM Server, then FPAX_TAN2000 COM Server, running both installation files as "Administrator".

This will make the print server open with all needed classes and enable you to use the Fiscal printer as normal.

*This post applies to all V4.8.x print servers.