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PPIM Extractor 13.1.0 Release Notes

Posted: Fri Apr 28, 2017 8:16 am
by Adriaan.Vorster
Majority of these changes will be refactoring which makes the code more stable and manageable, this generally fixes unknown bugs that occur under special conditions.
  • Removed old Evolution Logos
    Changed labels to Pilot Accounts
    Updated logo in Main form
    Aligned and re-sized all grids
    Aligned and re-sized all buttons.
    Refactored Adding new store routine
    Change assembly version number to 13.1.0
    Refactored SqlHelper Execute method
    Disabled All tabs except main tab on startup, Selecting ADTG files enables them.
    Removed addition of Default Store 001
    Fixed Closing error when no adtg file is selected
    Fixed no warning displayed when dates overlapped
    Refactored Validation of Integration setup
    Disabled Buttons when Adtg file is not selected
    Refactored Main import routine to reduce nesting.
The validate button doesn’t actually serve a purpose as the Import button performs this check anyway before importing, this is used in the case where you are not ready to import but would like to perform the validation check before hand.