Pilot SQL 13.04.24

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Pilot SQL 13.04.24

Post by gwtiltman » Thu Dec 26, 2013 1:54 pm


Download link ftp://www.pilot.co.za/ProductsReleased/ ... 4-SQL2.exe

No need to call us for Registration!
Pilot SQL2 licenses your PoS System automatically over the internet

Improved Order Speed and Accuracy.
Pilot’s TallOrder integration uses low cost iPod Touch or Android smart devices to facilitate item upsell, enhance order speed, improve customer service, and maximise table turn.
You can significantly reduce labour costs by using waiters to proactively manage sections, with runners controlling order fulfillment.
TallOrder’s flexibility allows item images, nutritional information, recipes and other key data to be displayed.
With biometric waiter authentication to each device, Pilot’s securities and controls remain in place

Secure and Efficient
Pilot’s Pay@Counter integration takes payment functionality to new levels of efficiency and security.
Pay@Counter provides fast transaction speeds to reduce queuing, removes the need for double entry, allows real-time authorisation, virtually eliminates fraud, and provides tailored reconciliation reports - all integrated into Pilot

Quick, easy and secure
Controlling cash and ensuring all figures are correctly captured is vital.
The SQL transactional cashup automatically transfers waiter cashup detail into the admin cashup, plus IOU’s, Debtors, Gift Cards, Ticket Claims, Pay-outs, and other non-cash transactions.
You simply confirm cash and credit card values and post – with variances now recorded

Expand your loyalty program
With increased competition on every corner, customer retention becomes more and more important. Offering gift cards for your brand allows consumers to promote your site to their friends and relatives. Pilot’s gift card integration securely manages the issue, redemption and top-up processes – with full cashup integration


Pilot PoS

-Bookings can now be sorted by name or time
-IOU Reports will now show a summary total
Discount Line Items Line Items already ordered can now be discounted, rather than having to void, re-enter, and then discount the item

Pilot Admin

Bulk sheet
-The Bulk sheet now has a closing stock column to reflect all stock movement
- A Summary of opening stock, purchases, issues and closing stock can be printed
Prep sheet
- Now shows all negative fills done for the day
Fruit and Veg Sheet
- A Usage Column has been added to the Fruit and Veg Sheet
Dry stock sheet
- A Usage Column has been added to the Dry stock Sheet
Category Setup
- Category Setup is now accessed from the Files-Category menu
- Cashup variance report added
Stock Points
- Back stock figures can now be viewed when using stock points
PLU stock warning
- PLU stock warnings can be sorted by description or PLU
Stock File
- Stock file can be locked from editing after 24hrs from day-end
Master File
- Cost price can be locked from editing
- Hiding items on the master file will now also hide items on Prep, Fruit/Veg, Dry stock and Bulk sheet
Royalty Declaration
- Royalty Declaration report added into Admin/Reports

Kitchen Display Systems
Audible feedback has been added to Kitchen Displays

Data Tools

-Backups can be run through data tools
-Additional security has been added to data tools to protect your site from unauthorised browsing

Bug Fixes
ï‚· KDS error on day end corrected
ï‚· Auto tips / service fee calculation, printout and display have been corrected
ï‚· Removed ability to discount unordered line items
 Fixed ‘print last invoice’ authorization
ï‚· Floor plan open working correctly
ï‚· IOU's now includes all waiters
ï‚· Purchases report - detailed now showing QTY column
ï‚· Touch design now creates Screens Files automatically
ï‚· Touch design now forces users out of POS before saving to prevent corruption
ï‚· PLU stock warning does not show hidden items (lock down stores)
ï‚· Day end can now be done without doing a cashup
 Emailing weekly orders “batchid” error corrected
ï‚· Midday Prep Check errors corrected
ï‚· Stock Turn ratio now excludes expense categories
ï‚· Turnover split now splits turnover correctly between delivery, take away and collections
ï‚· Cash pay-out now prevents double pay-out
ï‚· Cash pay-out virtual keyboard not showing #8 corrected
ï‚· Negative pay-out sequence corrected
ï‚· PLU file sort now remains on the item selected
ï‚· Discount reports match day end report
ï‚· Set menus converted to SQL
ï‚· Airtime upgraded to SQL
ï‚· Barcode Scanner upgraded to SQL
ï‚· DigiTag upgraded to SQL
ï‚· Auto invoice printing corrected
ï‚· Main Meal Multiplier factor resetting to [1] has been corrected
ï‚· Random table locking when printing pro-forma bill has been corrected

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